Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Genealogy Days in Malmö Day 2 part 1

The second Day of the Genealogy Days provided many intresting lectures.
Since the theme of the conference was the
Treaty of Roskilde in 1658 when the provinces of Skåne Halland and Blekinge became swedish (they had belonged to Denmark before that) and how that and following events impacted the people of the provinces as well as Denmark and Sweden.

Many of the lectures of the conference was on this theme. I attended one about "The terrible Swedes" given by Charlotte S H Jensen (in the middle of the picture to the left).Despite this fact she and several other friendly Danes had come as representatives of Samenslutningen af Slaegthistoriske foreninger(Danish Genealogical Societies) to give help and answer questions from people with Danish roots.
For those intrested in Dansih geenalogy here is a link to a thew webpage of Arkivalieronline (Danish archives online).
I even got an interview with charlotte wich I will use in a later podcast episode.

The members Malmö Genealogical Society who organised the conference surely had a lot to do.
As seen on the picture beside. they had their hands full of showing people around. Unfortunately I could not get an interview with any of them.

Among the sponsors of the conference where
Genline and ArkivDigital. 2 swedish companies who provides swedish churchrecords online.
Ancestry.se the swedish branch of Ancestry.com
Where also among the sponsors as well as the City of Malmö

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