Saturday, March 7, 2009

Swedish version of '' Who do you think you are ?''

Sweden will soon gets its own version of the popular Genealogy TV-show 'Who do you think you are ?''
In six episodes 6 famous Swedes will have their ancestors researched.The first episode will be broadcasted on march 24 .The show will be broadcasted by Swedens pubilc service TV company SVT


Synnove said...

How do you know this and do you know who they are?

Anna-Karin S said...

Well first I got to know it a while ago through "gossip" in the genealogy and archival world. Then it is mentioned in swedish newspapers online and on swedish genealogy societies websites. the first episode march 24 will feature
Helena Bergström the other celebrities are Charlotte Perelli, ,Thomas Bodström, Malin Berghagen, Susanne Osten and Magnus Härenstam.
it will be broadcasted in Swedish channel SVT 1

Synnove said...

I just want to thank you for your answer.