Saturday, December 3, 2011

The most Dangerous animal in Sweden ! The Gloso (the glowing Sow) ;);)

Swedish folklore has many strange beings. one of them is the feared Gloso.
A Terrible sow with burning red eyes and a razorsharp back. She is believed to reside near cemeteries or cross roads.
She usually tries to run between peoples legs thus dividing or scratching them up completely. Nowadays she is not seen that often but since there seem to be so many people with split personalities she must still be around.

At the yearly Christmas Fair at the Smalands Museum in Växjö this year a little Gloso piglet was shown.

Historian Håkan Nordmark acted as its keeper
apparently the little beast has taken a liking to him.
The little animal seemed calm when I saw it but who knows
what will become of it when it becomes bigger !

The little gloso was feed by giving it decorated swedish ginger breads eagerly decorated by the visitors to the
Christmas Fair. In the future the inhabitants of Växjö
obviously have to keep their legs crossed ! ;)

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