Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Titanic: The Exhibition on Halmstad Arena

I have now visited an interesting   Titanic Exhibition   at Halmstad  Arena  in Halmstad  in Halland
The Exhibition lasts until August 31 and it is very interesting. It contains both pictures . models and reconstructions of the Titanic such as  models of the ships cabins and some original items from the ship and its  passengers.

The exhibition is a traveling exhibition that has  travelled around  the world to several places since 2012


Especially interesting in the Swedish version of the show in Halmstad is the focus on the Swedish passengers 123 Swedes and Swedish Americans traveled with Titanic 89 of them were killed and 34 survived   My blogpost from 2012 about Titanic and its Scandinavian passengers

Some Swedish passengers for the Titanic

Map of  were the Swedish passengers  came from

Do as I board the Titanic!


A good book in english about the Swedish passengers on the Titanic:

Not my time  to die:Titanic and the Swedes on Board   by Lilly  Setterdahl

Great Links about Titanic and its passengers

Titanic Norden (Titanic site with with focus on the Scandinavian passengers)

Encyclopedia Titanica (in English one of the most complete sites about  the Titanic)

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