Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Minnesota Day in Ljuder Church August 13, 2017

This years Minnesota day was held as usual in the church in Ljuder in Lessebo municipality  in honour of the writer Vilhelm Moberg and the emigrants from the Ljuder  area to Minnesota and other parts of the world.

Among the guests who faithfully have returned the recent years   were the former head of The Swedish Emigrant Institute' in Växjö former  Professor Ulf Beijbom. and  Monica Banaz from the University of Krakow in Poland.

A Swedish-American churchservice was held and the Swedish-American of the year the Swedish diplomat  Jan Eliasson  was also presented.

Angela Hoffman from the University of Uppsala  spoke about "Swedish meeting with Indians" in Kansas. The day before, she spoke to the Association of Friends to the Swedish Emigrant Institute on the subject "Swedish-American churches  Cookbooks"

Folkdancers from Vissefjärda  danced traditional swedish folkdances beside Ljuders Local Heritage
Museum and Park..


Unknown said...

I would like to attend "Minnesota Day" in Ljuder in 2018. Is it scheduled for 12 August?

Unknown said...

Is Minnesota Day in Ljuder to be held on 12 August , 2018? I live in Minnesota and would like to attendthe Day.

Thank you

Unknown said...

"Unknown" poster is me: Denny Nelson