Wednesday, August 24, 2022

The GenealogyDays in Skövde 20-21 Aug 2022


This year's Genealogy Days 2022 where held  in Skövde 20-21 August 2022 at Arena Skövde/.The genealogy days were organized by The Skövde Genealogy Society . The Genealogy days are the yearly conference of the Swedish Federation of Genealogical  societies .It have been held since 1988 with an exception in 2020 due to Covid 19.In 2021 it was held digitally online. 

Genealogical Societies, Genealogy vendors  and   genealogists from all over Sweden and neighboring countries listen to lectures, meet and buy genealogy related products. among the international vendors represented where,My Heritage,FamilyTreeDNA

Niklas Hertzman from helped keen genealogists with the art of
find their ancestors in church records and other old documents. Arkivdigital is a company that 
digitizes and indexes  swedish archival record in color.

Two happy ladies from the Swedish team gave away bags of sweets
                    for Genealogists in and sold genealogy subscriptions and DNA tests.

Ted Rosvall spoke about Jean Baptiste Bernadotte (Karl XIV Johan) 1764-1844 and his descendants both legitimate and illigitimate . Among the Bernadotte descendants are members of today's royal families in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and several former royal and princely houses in Greece and Germany as well as several noble and non-noble families across Europe and other parts of the world.

Mr. DNA. Peter Sjölund gave a well-attended lecture on Genealogy and DNA.
Peter Sjölund became famous throughout Sweden in 2020 when he used genetic genealogy
to help the Linköping police solve  a double murder in Linköpng in 2004.
Peter shared his knowledge of complicated DNA technology in a simple and understandable  way.

Christina Sagersten from Finding Family Together shared her knowledge about DNA genealogy.
in her latest book "Daddy where are  you" she gives valuable tips on how to use DNA tests in
  combination with traditional genealogy to find an unknown father, grandfather, grandfather etc.

The DNA coach Linda Kvist guided visitors into  the world of DNA genealogy. Linda's
journey into  DNA genealogy began when she took a DNA test and found that she had another
paternal grandfather than she thought.

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