Saturday, May 30, 2009

Swedes participating in US Wars

Some days ago USA celebrated Memorial Day when men (and women) who died in war are remembered.
Sweden has not been in war since 1814 (even if we offcause have been affected by both WW1 and WW2 since the other Scandinavian countries were drawn into the war).
Howewer Swedes (and their descendants) have participated in all US ( and Canadian) wars since the Civil war upto the Vietnam war (and maybe later ?).

In the blog I will write a bit about swedes and swedish-americans (or swedish-canadians) fighting in US (and Canadian) wars between the Civil war upto WW2 (and possibly the Korean war).
So I put the question to you blog readers ?Have you had ancestors or relatives born in sweden (or in another Scndinavian country) or born by swedish(or Scandinavian )parents that have participated or died in any of these wars (or have you participated yourself)?
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