Friday, March 11, 2011

Who do You think you are live in London feb 25-27th part 1

A Few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the Who do you think you live conference in London .It has taken place since 2007 in The Olympia National Hal. It is organised by and sponsored by among others BBC Magazines .Society of Genealogists.

Many different genealogical and Historical Societies and genealogical service providers exibited and there were also many workshops and lectures given on a variety of different subjects
had one of the biggest booth in the exibition with a lot of visitors
According to the England 1901 Census around 5000 Swedish born lived in England.

They even had a special lounge at the second floor were subscribers could meet and relax and discuss their research.

Find My Past also has a lot of english records(Census,Military and parish records online. at the Exibitions there was time for a lot of inetrested visitors to take a look in their records or buy a subscribtion .

There were also demostrations and small workshops held by the staff for people interested in how to do Family research and how the site works and the content of its collections

This nice lady in old fashined clothing helped
me to get my subscription to to work
(Do anyone know her name ?)

is a website with similar content as Find My Past but for Scotland even here the visitors were shown the content by helpful members of the staff like this lady (who is she ?).

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