Saturday, March 12, 2011

Who do You think you are live in London feb 25-27th part 2k

Among the exibitors where My HertitageHere is Mario Ruckh showing the site .

A popular event was "Ask the expert"where the visitors could book a 20 minute talk with a genealogist and get advice about their family research and similar subjects

Several genealogical Magazines was represented among them
Who Do you think you are Magazine
all trying to get as many new readers as possible !I would gladly have subscribed but it is a bit expensive to pay postage forMagazines from England to Sweden. I bought a couple of back issues instead.
(Do anyone know the name of the lady holding up the Magazine ?)

Another popular event was interviews with persons featured in the TV series Who do you think you are . I listened to Ainsley Harriott talking about finding out about his black and white ancestors in the West Indies.the program
about his ancestors were first shown in England in 2008.

Lisa Louise Cook from Sand Francsisco host of the
Genealogygems podcast
gave a lecture about how to use Google in genealogical
research. She has even written a book on the subject.

Deceased Online is the largest UK online index off burial and cremation records .
Searching the database is free. seing the orginal record cost a small fee.

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Matt Elton said...

Hi Anna,

My name's Matt and I work at the BBC's Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine - I hope you're well!

This is a slightly random query, but I was wondering whether it'd be possible to get hold of a high-resolution copy of the image of Rosemary, our team member you spoke to at Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE? She's leaving us tomorrow, and it's a really nice photograph!

Do let me know what you think - you can email me at And keep up all the good work with the blog!

Thanks very much,